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Mortgage Advice Update

mortgage advice Cambridge

Following the government’s recent announcement of a stamp duty holiday until March 2021, the property market has begun to bounce back with house prices pushed to a record high due to a 75% increase in buyer enquiries compared to last year. However, since lockdown the number of mortgages available on the market has plummeted by […]

Bank of Mum & Dad “needs financial advic

Mortgage broker cambridge

32% of parents would value advice on how best to give money to children and would also like government support with guidance and tax breaks, according to new survey from Openwork. 62% of parents would welcome government-backed guidance on how to make gifts and loans, while 71% welcoming tax incentives to help children onto the […]

Nationwide opens 90% lending to FTBs

mortgage broker cambridge

Nationwide is now lending at up to 90 per cent LTV for first-time buyers. It says that this is down to the government’s recent announcement on stamp duty along with the lifting of lockdown restrictions. The lender adds that the products, the details of which are yet to be released, will be available from Monday […]

Stamp Duty cut to zero on homes up to £5

mortgage broker cambridge

The Chancellor has announced that purchasers of properties up to £500,000 will pay no Stamp Duty, meaning nine in 10 buyers will be completely exempt from the tax The government will cut stamp duty on all transactions up to £500,000 as a temporary measure until 31st March 2021. The cut will take effect immediately said […]

Boris Johnson pledges new homes and plan...

mortgage broker cambridge

Boris Johnson has promised to “build, build, build” to kickstart the economy into a ‘new deal’ style recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of new homes and billions of pounds for infrastructure projects. The prime minister compared his measures to former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s post-depression programme, as he pledged to build back […]